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<span>Beautiful</span> of Zanzibar Island

Beautiful of Zanzibar Island

About Zanzibar Islands

Zanzibar is an archipelago made up of Zanzibar (Unguja) and Pemba Islands. It´s a semi-autonomous part of tanzania in East Africa. Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean, about 25 miles away from the Tanzanian and it´s 60 miles long and 20 miles wide. Pemba and Zanzibar have a population about 1,2 million people.

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The Island represents multicultural society with major tribes like Bantus, Wahadimu, Arabs, Indians and Comorians. More than 99 % of Zanzibar’s population are Muslim and the small rest are Christian. Kiswahili and Englisch are the two official languages of Tanzania. But many local people can also speak little bit German, French and Italian.

The capital is Zanzibar City and the historic centre is Stone Town.The main industries are spices and tourism. That´s why many people around the world call Zanzibar the “Spice Island”. The official currency is the Tanzanian Shilling.

Most of tourists come here to enjoy the white-sandy beaches, the beautiful underwaterworld and learn many things about culture and traditional life of people in Zanzibar.

Old Fort Stone Town

The Old Fort, also known as the Arab Fort and by other names, is a fortification located in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar. It is the oldest building of Stone Town.

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Jozani Forest

The Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is a 50 km² national park of Tanzania located on the island of Zanzibar. It is the only national park in Zanzibar.

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Spices In Zanzibar

A few decades ago, Zanzibar, the tiny island just off the coast of Tanzania in east Africa, supplied almost 80% of the world’s clove spice.

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Pretty Beaches

In Zanzibar Islands , Unlike many of the other beaches on the island it has stayed relatively untouched by tourism until recently.

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